This issue came out in December 2014 and includes 18 features written by 11 writers from across the country (and two living internationally), put together by two South London based editors. All contributors were aged 16-24 and their features range from the struggle of growing up to issues surrounding homosexuality in Russia.

Densely packed with opinions, facts and pleas, Scuffle is a small fight against a traditional political elite.

This issue is designed to rouse interest in social affairs leading to a rejection of current widespread political apathy. The editors would love your opinions/articles/comments/suggestions (particularly if you are also a ‘young person’!). Scuffle was handmade (really: painted, glued, cut, coloured in, messed around etc) over several months by the editors and therefore we urge you to buy a full, IMO beautiful copy via our big cartel link. It’s only one quid!

We want to involve a wide audience (of young people primarily) in our magazine/newspaper/blog and therefore we are totally reliant on you and your input.

Please feel free to contact us with an article or opinion at

And follow us on twitter @scufflemag and on facebook

The hard copy of our magazine can be bought on

– £2.50 for adults

– £1 for students


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