Why you need to read… Pilger + Waldman

Eat My Heart Out - Zoe Pilger
The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P - Adele Waldman

These short-ish novels are a perfect pair in a minor genre ‘Feminist Fiction of 2014′. Both novels are romantic and humorous as opposed to mantras or rants, bringing up feminism from unique angles. Pilger looks at inter-generational feminism and in many ways debates the importance of many old feminist values whilst Waldman views women through the eyes of a male who regards himself as liberal and progressive. Waldman brings up stark gender inequalities that are underplayed despite being a part of everyday life. Pilger studies the multi-sided struggles of a young woman and how feminist ideology alters her actions. These are chick-lits of the highest order.


One thought on “Why you need to read… Pilger + Waldman

  1. Probably an irrelevant comment, but I was just surprised at the cover design. Similar in concept (probably because of the same publisher?) and break all the “rules”, such as readable title in a thumbnail size, and the images letting the reader know what genre it is.


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