Rock music and politics – Fat Whites

Fat Whites – I’m not going to go on about how dirty and tired they all look – it’s not their most interesting characteristic. Even if it is relevant, doesn’t it only add to their appeal? Isn’t rock and roll, at its core, supposed to scare and shock and break? SHouldn’t it be mandatory to always be half naked, advisory to masturbate on stage – desirable to smother yourself in shit during a show?!?

The music itself is beautiful. Though they’ve only released one album (Champagne Holocaust) and some EPs (the bizarre, compelling Wet Hot Beef is my fave); there is impressive variety between tracks. Take the slow, intensely repetitive hum of Auto Neutron against the frenzied pop of Is It Raining In Your Mouth? The guitar can be jangly (Without Consent) and the lyrics often provocative – take Cream of the Young: your fifteen year old tongue… yet clearly funny when i look at your face, although it’s rather small.

Their energy and ambiance is at its best live, yet recorded the Fat Whites are also capable of stirring up feelings you didn’t even know you had – frustrations, urges and definitely anger.

The band themselves fill me with hope. Other artists lack a desire to use their influence to spread political or social messages. Harrison Koisser of Peace almost laughed the suggestion of being political off; but Fat White Family are outspoken and driven. Their last Slide In was in aid of Palestine and their infamous ‘The Witch Is Dead’ banner made headlines upon Thatcher’s death. Politics seems to have gone out of fashion, with the decline in support for New Labour perhaps, but Fat White Family could just help bring back political issues to the people to whom politics should matter most.

written in August, 2014


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